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The Important Of Good Light & Makeup Light
- Jul 28, 2018 -

The Important of Good Light & Makeup Light


Maybe natural lighting from the sun is the most beautiful light when we makeup, but actually, we rarely find ourselves able to make the best use of it. Bad weather, tall building or shady room all possibly stop us from making good use of the sunlight.

Makeup light can provide us with a proper light temperature. It can let us know whether the look is natural. And we can choose the right foundation, blush or eyeliner is dependent on the color temperature and crispness of light.

Our company is selling a LED mirror lamp to meet your need of proper light temperature when you makeup. It provides you with a wonderful makeup light. LED mirror lampr-Y6 square mirror. Touch switch, no polarized. Crystal clear, fashionable high-grade mirror function. LED mirror lamp Y6 with LED light, it’s a touch dimmable LED light, long touch to adjust the brightness, short touch to turn on or off.  

It can also function as bathroom decoration or as a gift for your friends.





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