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The Market Has Reached Tens Of Billions, LED Intelligent Lights Are Expected To Become The Next Hot Style
- Oct 26, 2018 -

The market has reached tens of billions, LED intelligent lights are expected to become the next hot style

In recent years, under the promotion of energy conservation and environmental protection, LED lamps are unique, and various products emerge as The Times require.

This LED seven-color rechargeable wake-up lamp produced by carolx has the functions of energy saving and environmental protection, as well as other functions: induction switch, alarm clock timing, seven-color vision protection, temperature and humidity display

The floating gesture sensor switch can turn on and off the light automatically in just one second, and turn on the light for you at any time.

Set alarm clock function, become your intimate butler, set time to wake you up, accurate and reliable time;Close design multi-function switch and adjustment way, as long as you want to be able to seven-color adjustment, seven-color light source to protect eye temperature development as the original intention, to protect family vision and skin health;It can accurately measure the temperature and humidity of the day, and remind you to dress and drink in time, so as to avoid discomfort caused by too large temperature difference and improper clothing.Additional, even if do not have above function, with respect to environmental protection material and extremely simple exterior design, also be worth to buy for it, after all small and clever, can be put in the home as put on the case, add colour for life.


According to the data of forward-looking industry research institute, the scale of global intelligent lighting market increased rapidly from 2013 to 2015. According to the current development trend, it is expected to reach usd 24.341 billion in 2020, of which the market size of lamps and related accessories is about usd 8.71 billion, accounting for more than 5% and the annual compound growth rate is over 20%

According to GGII's expectation, in the future, with the steady expansion of LED lighting market demand, LED bulb lamp market is expected to maintain steady growth, and the annual compound growth rate of output scale in 2018-2020 will reach 18.35%, and the industry market scale is expected to reach 74.6 billion yuan by 2020.

The most important personnel of our company is talents. Now we have a batch of professional talents including management planning, scientific research and development, production process, sales service and advanced supporting equipment. In addition to participate in various exhibitions, to understand the latest market trends.

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