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What Are The Functions Of A Portable Bluetooth Speaker?
- Jun 19, 2018 -

The so-called portable Bluetooth sound box refers to small size, easy to carry, easy to operate, the built-in Bluetooth chip, the Bluetooth connection instead of the traditional wire connected audio equipment, by connecting with the mobile phone, tablet computer and notebook and other Bluetooth devices, to achieve convenient and quick purpose. At present, the Bluetooth sound box is mainly portable and portable. The Bluetooth sound box technology is gradually paid attention to and accepted by consumers by virtue of its convenience. The common Bluetooth sound box on the market is the single sound box (Dan Yangsheng unit). At the same time, there are some sound track speakers with excellent sound quality (two One or more than two lifting units). Some products have joined infrared induction and sound control technology.

The basic function of the portable Bluetooth sound box is to play music. The digital adjustable speaker can be placed in it. The existing button control or touch control in the market can adjust and control the function of the sound box, and it can be more advanced in induction control. The placement method can be changed according to the environmental factors. According to the design requirements, the ultimate goal of portable Bluetooth speakers is to enable users to use speakers conveniently and in harmony with the environment. Before the concept of the function is produced, the analysis of the function is to study and analyze the design of the ordinary portable sound box, and find and implement the remedies that do not meet people's habits or meet the needs of the people. Now there are many auxiliary functions of speakers, which add MP4, flashlight, voice calls, Bluetooth and other functions, and are meticulous and easy to carry. For different experiencer and different usage environment, they are generally divided into portable, desktop, split and combination types. Function, portable speakers as humanized as possible, in order to achieve low carbon, portable, beautiful, human-machine, which reflects the value of speakers.

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