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What Is The Sound Quality Of The Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker?
- Jun 19, 2018 -

Any waterproof Bluetooth speaker, the most important thing is the sound quality. Thousands of outdoor speakers available in the market are classified into these three types: single cylinder, "square", and "kettle". The cheap monocables often become the first choice for outdoor speakers' zero-experience buyers. Although some of the sound quality is still decent, but in terms of the speakers used by them, the monophonic sound effects of single speakers are actually far less than the “square” or “double-horn” speakers. Kettle" sound effect.

According to the existing domestic audio technology, no matter how good the monocular waterproof wireless Bluetooth speaker advertises his own speaker quality and how advanced the technology is, the comparison with the speakers of the dual speakers immediately returns to the original shape. Usually in a very noisy outdoor environment, the sound effect is strong and powerful. In such an environment, the single-speaker speakers are also more than enough. If an ultra-cheap speaker is just stronger than your cell phone, then you might as well buy a loudspeaker.

Since you need good quality outdoor speakers, it is recommended to buy outdoor speakers with dual speakers. The identification of the sound quality needs to listen to the balance of each frequency band in addition to the speaker unit. You can try listening to some wide-band music, such as music in large movies. Then compare the various frequency bands, the high frequency band should be clear and transparent, soft without breaking sound and not stiff. The mid-range should be warm, and the rendition of the vocal must be true and delicate. The low frequency band should have a sense of power but not loose. This sound quality is no problem with any type of music. Of course, when listening to music, we still try to avoid interference from the reflection of the wall. Otherwise, I am afraid that in the outdoor environment will be less satisfactory. If it sounds excellent in a noisy environment, there is no problem indoors.

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