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What's Key Part For Bluetooth Speaker
- Oct 27, 2018 -

If you mainly put the sound box of bedroom the head of a bed and a fixed place, home phone connected to the bluetooth music, really don't think too much the problem on the portability and durability, as for the sound direction, it now has the traditional orientation and 360 ° to the two kinds of mainstream design scheme, if most of the time don't need to move, orientation is OK, but if love to party and put is along with the gender, all to be a better choice.

The current price of bluetooth speaker is variable, and the main difference in function is reflected in the first two items.Bluetooth connection range, this is very important, 10 meters or more if you want to use your phone at the same time, it is not very convenient, 30 meters is more reliable...Some bluetooth speakers can still use the 3.5 mm audio cable connection, also some can via USB connect computers as a multimedia speakers, some of the battery capacity is enough big, even for charging the mobile phone, when you have needs in all these details function must be don't fall, because it is really difficult, and bluetooth speakers little advise not to buy brand cheap goods, I haven't heard of all sorts of problems is simply don't don't of pit.


A headset is a personal stereo and a stereo is a group of headphones.Nowadays, the strong low-frequency and exciting rhythm is not only hanging on the head, we can not only free our hands, feel music easily and freely, but also can crash the same emotions with friends and family, make noise and get High!

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