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Why Your Speaker Did Not Come With SD Card?
- Dec 19, 2018 -

Days ago, one customer purchased a Bluetooth lamp speaker for sound quality checking. The very item he bought is in the picture below:


And yesterday he received the parcle and sent me a message which contain a common customer rage that I can sence withour seeing his face. He wrote me how dissapointed he was that the speaker do not have any SD card for him to test sound quality.

To be exact, I was more confused then him. Why SD card is need?  

We do not have to use any card to play music cause it can easily be connected with our mobile phone or any other Bluetooth devices. And there is an AUX line in the box if no Bluetooth devices available in your hand.

Our speakers support SD card, but we do not offer SD card as accessory. Because Bluetooth connection is more convient.

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