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You Are Away From Natural Makeup, Only Need This Multi-purpose Cosmetic Mirror Lamp!
- Jul 21, 2018 -

You are away from natural makeup, only need this multi-purpose cosmetic mirror lamp!


   Most people makeup in the room with an ordinary mirror , the light is not as good as outdoor, and the tonal also not the same. In this way, environment change good makeup, when they are outside under the sun, of course is "original form stands out". 

The product designer of MUID is to solve this problem exactly as a starting point, design a makeup lens that can imitate natural light, still hold desk lamp and receive a function concurrently.

The lighting temperature of the MUID mirror is 6,000-6500k, close to the natural light at noon.

This kind of brightness can restore the most true color of the face, say goodbye to "light trap", the makeup that changes come out is more delicate of course, need not worry about go out to become "false face princess".



not only more convenient to make makeup, but realized the free switch between cosmetic lens and desk lamp.

The color temperature of desk lamp light is between 2800K and 3200K, downy and warm, suit to use as bedside lamp, atmosphere lamp very much.It's perfect for a girl who likes to sleep with the lights on at night.

Unlike a normal make-up mirror, the base of the MUID is still a tray. The most commonly used lipstick, lost gadgets, cell phones, keys can all be put on top, leaving your desk messy and really sweet.

Also, the mirror has a built-in 1200mAh battery that can last four to five hours after being fully charged. Make-up and lighting are not subject to the "line" system.Without the power cord that gets in the way, does the desktop look much cleaner? 

In addiction, even if you're traveling or going on a business trip, the make-up mirror is full of sense!It can be split and carried as you wish. It is also easy to install.

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